Lazy is Normal

I have slowly come to realize that maybe the pace of life at which I can comfortably perform is much different than the people around me, co-workers, family or even some of my close friends. For many years, I thought it was just my full time work, full time school, full time volunteer life that made me over stretch, and as soon as I leave school and Wisconsin, I will hit a reset button. But now that school is out of the way, it has dawned on me that I just like being busy, constantly fighting deadlines and making schedules work.

At work I have fingers in too many pies, outside of work I have started some freelance consulting, my volunteer work has doubled since I moved out of Wisconsin, and I say yes to every “Can we go to …” or “Would you help me…” And in the middle of it all, I try to balance it on what’s really important in life, prayers and physical health. This means my day starts at before dawn and doesn’t let go until mid-night, every day of the week.

The realization is that this is not normal. Normal is to complain about how over worked you are at your day job, constantly try to convince yourself that you need to ‘relax’ and try to do the least bit possible without getting in trouble – which I used to consider a total waste of life. But that’s what majority of people around me consider ‘normal’


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