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Life lessons

Life teaches you so many lessons. One of the best way it teaches us is through loss. Sometimes, you lose a lot, and are left to the bare minimum. And it is then that you rediscover yourself, because there’s hardly anything more left to be seen. Like a newly-wed bride who’s just taken off her make-up, the reality in the mirror is not pristine, but it is pure and beautiful.


Grass is always greener on the other side

Look at all these people sitting there being content with their lives. If only you could be like one of them. Somehow they have found their niche in life and are enjoying it. Why can’t you?

You smile and you pretend, but the truth is, you are not happy.

You are underpaid and unappreciated. Your job is not rewarding, satisfying or challenging enough. Your skills are wasted. Your talents are not used to their full extent. You are losing your edge.

You never have enough money to get the things you want. You never have enough vacation days to take an actual vacation. You have little or no time for your personal hobbies. You spend weekends and holidays doing bullshit errands and stupid chores instead of relaxing and partying.

Your significant other sucks, and does not deserve you at all. Your friends suck. Your neighbors suck. They are all pretentious pricks.

Worst of all, your life is going nowhere. Back in school you had all these hopes, dreams and ambitions. You were meant to do more and be more. Look at yourself now.

What happened?

Life happened.

Believe it or not, but we are all in the same boat. Those people who seem to be so happy with their lives – they are just really good at faking it. Chances are they probably envy you just like you envy them.

If you are truly happy it means you are dead. You will never achieve that idyllic state of happiness you see on TV. No matter how rich and successful you are, you will never, ever be fully content with your life.

The grass ALWAYS appears greener on the other side. That’s just how we are wired as humans. It is an optical illusion built into our ocular system. Things that are further away look better than the ones near by. This way you will always want that thing over there rather than this thing over here. Think about it. This dissatisfaction with our lives is what drives us to constantly improve ourselves. It is the hidden force behind out civilization and all scientific progress. We got where we are as a human race because we are never satisfied. We always want something more, and we always want something better. This is what separates us from animals.

Let’s make a thought experiment. Imagine that one day you woke up and realized you are perfectly content – that there is nothing more you could ever want or need, that you fulfilled all your hopes and dreams – what would you do next?

I tell you what you would do. You would instantly come up with a new list of hopes, dreams and needs you didn’t even know you had. You would develop new ambitions, new drives. Then you would re-adjust your aim, and immediately come to a conclusion that your life sucks.

Yup, your life will always suck. Till the day you die, your life will seem suckier and less fulfilling than the life of your friend, your coworker or your neighbor. And there is nothing you can do about it. Well… You could sit in a corner and cry, but how is that going to help?

On the upside, everyone else is exactly the same way. Their lives suck just as much as yours. They are not better off than you. Well, some of them are, but they are not really happy about it. Chances are they would switch places with you in a blink of an eye. And if not with you, then with someone else they know.

So next time you see someone who seems happy and content, remember that they are just as frustrated and disappointed with their bullshit life as you are. They are just good liars.

The point is, that every once in a while you should stop and appreciate what you have. I mean, it’s all shit – but it’s your shit. It might not be as good as your friends’ shit, but it is better than having no shit at all. And there is probably someone out there who would love have your shit for themselves.

I’m not saying you should stop trying to get better shit. You should always strive to better yourself, and improve your life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what you have as you work for something better. You can be both profoundly dissatisfied with your life, and enjoy every second of it at the same time.

Aiming High

When I see my health in comparison to friends,  I predict I will be leaning back the walls in 15 years from now,  and will be looking for a chair as soon as I hit fifty. Couple of close friends really became an inspiration for me. I still avoid taking vitamin pills. I prefer fruits instead. I have made a promise to myself that I want to be able to pick up my grand daughter and go up a couple dozen stairs without being out of breath!

I hear friends and acquaintances talk about health and their inspirations are to look good, get into a smaller size clothing and often for girls/women is to be ready for theirs or someone else’s wedding, party or any other function like that. For guys its all about muscles but all such inspirations are sure to die down and they won’t help you live independently when your hair starts to turn gray.

Yeah … aim high as good health is a way of life not a one time fling!

Eye lids



happy …

content …

sweaty …

revealed …

wired …

brain bursting with ideas …

heart aching for a good night sleep

and yes, I am eye lid tired!

But I must work on …

Lazy is Normal

I have slowly come to realize that maybe the pace of life at which I can comfortably perform is much different than the people around me, co-workers, family or even some of my close friends. For many years, I thought it was just my full time work, full time school, full time volunteer life that made me over stretch, and as soon as I leave school and Wisconsin, I will hit a reset button. But now that school is out of the way, it has dawned on me that I just like being busy, constantly fighting deadlines and making schedules work.

At work I have fingers in too many pies, outside of work I have started some freelance consulting, my volunteer work has doubled since I moved out of Wisconsin, and I say yes to every “Can we go to …” or “Would you help me…” And in the middle of it all, I try to balance it on what’s really important in life, prayers and physical health. This means my day starts at before dawn and doesn’t let go until mid-night, every day of the week.

The realization is that this is not normal. Normal is to complain about how over worked you are at your day job, constantly try to convince yourself that you need to ‘relax’ and try to do the least bit possible without getting in trouble – which I used to consider a total waste of life. But that’s what majority of people around me consider ‘normal’

Death of Desire

I see a clear lake, almost a mirror to the oak trees that decorate its boundary. The sun is a welcome guest. I look around at the beauty. Leaves whistling with the wind, trees swaying to the tunes, and sunrays shimmering through the waves in the lake.

Also in the reflections is my face — the only sign of human life in all that’s visible. The wind’s the only sound, the lake’s the only sight. It is strange to be within immense beauty, but all by yourself.

The trekker climbs for the peak, the researcher wants to churn out papers of discovery, the government employee wants a promotion… It is a long tunnel, one of desire. The critical part is its very end. There is nothing to seek, nothing to climb, nowhere to reach, so nowhere to go.

Like a little cloud in to a bigger one, action seems to merge with inaction. The leaf and the stone are one and the same. There isn’t even disappointment. It is simply the death of desire. Legs do not take steps anymore; they do not wish to. Here, there, somewhere, and nowhere — all seem to be the same place.

No expectations, says the scripture. No attachment to joy, relations. No dreams, no hopes. It is all an illusion.

The real and the unreal merge. Last shouts of attachment disappear in to thin air — unanswered, yet again.

I’m not among the well-equipped. Hard to act is if nothing happened. Hard to act as if what was said was not meant. Intention was not ephemeral; it was pure. And it could not be thrown in to a dump of insomnia, even as the Mayors of Illusion want it that way. They say it’s for sanity, for a sanity that I no longer feel attracted to.

Hypocrisy, I see thine laughing face everywhere. It is your arena. You own it. And I don’t want in, in the first place. I rest my case.


Over the past few months, I have spent hectic days of study, interspersed with idle walks around the lake, book reading and just being myself.

With the passage of time, it seems more and more clear that happiness is closer than we imagine. Moments of laughter with friends and family, companionship, and a clear conscience — these things are more important than anything else. Solving complex equations, getting a wonderful job, impressing someone… they all may be good, but only so much in the overall scheme of things.

The past few months have also helped me understand that potential should not be overlooked in the present, especially during tough times. It helps you see the best in every person, every situation, every object.

Additionally, I have begun to appreciate the factor of randomness in life more than ever… a lot of times, paths evolve, plans reform, dreams fly. Sometimes, nature and chance bring you from one place to another, at their discretion. It may or may not seem positive at first, but it can always be made that way with perspective, effort and acceptance. Possibilities and acceptance should be balanced well in one’s perspective of life.

At this point in my life, I feel relaxed, I feel happy. I feel grateful for the experiences that I have had, and for the possibilities that are ahead of me, without any condition of them being fulfilled.

Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude. I can’t stress this enough!