All About Syed

I must admit when I started out this blog, I had no scope, direction whatsoever. It was something came out of boredom. I finally got off the funk, and started writing. Before I joined wordpress, I had use Blogger and LiveJournal during my college years. I was searching for pointers and then suddenly it clicks to me that I should write about things I’ve passion for.

When people ask me about where I’m from, I tell them….EVERYWHERE.  I prefer living out few years in different places than to stick out in place for rest of your adult life.  However, New York City is an exception! I don’t think I’ll hesitate to move away once I settle there. Of course, it all depends where my life takes me.

This blog, you’ll come across with my taste in Classic Rock, slash Alternative/Indie music tastes, movies I watch and few notes about life in general.  I don’t know where this blog’s direction leads from here. I have no intention of site getting bigger hits (like most bloggers do).  Though, I prefer to decent followers who read my writing materials, think critically and give feedback.

Happy reading!



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