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Slacking off…on my terms

For past few months, my activity on the blog has declined. I literally have made like 10 posts in over 6 months. A lot of fact is due to work and I’ve become obsessed with Netflix lately. I have to say I have caught up a lot with TV dramas that I missed out on during my college years.

I’ve joined meetup groups to meet professional individual like myself. Been to few meetup events that has been quite fascinating. One thing that hasn’t changed a bit is my love for attending live concerts. I’m due to attend another 6 shows till the end of the year. The biggest regret I have had is that I never kept myself up for reviewing shows that I’ve been to recently.

If you follow up my blog, you’d know that I’ve a YouTube channel dedicated to capturing live videos from the concerts I’ve been to. It’s my open library for everyone to approach me. My hope is to get invited on tour with bands to follow them around, and create a documentary on their tour.

I’m slightly off the topic here but I assure you I’ll be writing album reviews soon, and won’t have sporadic postings.

Till then, Ciao!


Sunrise Tube

A physiology major needs to do research on why youtube seems so interesting when you have an exam the next day. I wasted almost two hours on it last night. Its unbelievable. I would keep telling myself after this clip from Radiohead, I will go back to studying. By the time I got done with all of ’em, I was too sleepy to study. Evil, evil computer. I am sure I flunked the test.

Sunday was gorgeous out. In the 70s with very light breeze. Couldn’t have wished for a better day. I’m so ready to get in the dirt, and enjoy the summer time again in Arizona and California in coming next two months or so. I have it all worked out in my head. I am planting veggies in the back and totally new look for the front for few of my friends houses. It’s gonna be so much fun!

Audio Journal, labels and weekend

I wish I could start an  Audio Journal. I thought about Vlogging via YouTube but I’m video camera-shy.  Sometimes our voice express the emotions that our written words can’t.

I have been thinking about it from quite sometime that I need to get rid of the labels in my life. From the shoes I wear, to the car I drive. I have bought their stuff, I don’t intend to be their living ad running around. So, one thing at a time I intend to peal of all the labels from my life. The car logo that says Volvo, the shoes from New Trend, the watch from Casio, the tees from Gap, the jeans from Levis .. every bit of ad on me got to go.

The weekend was productive. Lots of house work and Sunday I went for a long bike ride. It was a bit cloudy & too windy but the ride was priceless none the less. Oh and I did finally learned to make new food receipe. The lasagna turned out great!!!