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You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t…

If Michael Jackson had repeated his older work entirely he’d get accused of being stuck in a time warp, and if he’d done a wildly different album he could have alienated the fans just for the sake of gaining a different, lesser audience.

To the point though: the weakest track on “Invincible” is “Lost Children,” but even that isn’t bad. The title track, “Invincible,” doesn’t refer to himself, but the lady he loves, and although it’s catchy, it’s a strange choice of title track. Perhaps “Privacy” would have been more of a personal message.

“2000 Watts” was a hit in the clubs – even if it doesn’t get released as a single there will probably be a few re-mixes available. “Speechless” is about parental love, but could be applied to any kind of relationship. “Don’t Walk Away” is a nice ballad, which may win over people who aren’t necessarily Michael Jackson fans.

“Butterflies” could easily be something which was left out of the “Thriller” album; indeed the song “Threatened” is laughingly dedicated to Rick Baker Monster Maker so his past glories are acknowledged.

The vocal performances are either good or fantastic but the actual album as a whole doesn’t grab you. If this review sounds contradictory, that merely reflects the complexity of the album. It pulls the listener in many directions; too many contributors, too many concepts. Best songs off the album are “You Rock My World” and “Heartbreaker” – There’s also a bonus track “Xscape!” which only hardcore Michael’s fan would know about it.

The album is certainly not a disappointment, but whatever Jackson does someone will always say it’s not a good as his earlier work. The press wouldn’t call anyone else a failure for only selling 30,000 copies on the first day of release, so why say that to him?