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Saying Goodbyes..

… is never easy. Not to mention I have never been good at these occasions. I don’t even know what to say. “See you later” isn’t appropriate because that’s why you are saying good bye. “Take Care” sounds tacky and “Good Luck” just doesn’t feel right. And what to do when half teary eyed women give you a hug? Is it the time to show your sympathies or your awkwardness?

A year ago this day, a number of my neighbors got let go, so in our row of cubes, only me and my boss were still around. Come Monday, I remember, it was  really quiet in the office. Almost spooky. I’m still in contact with my former colleagues. Some found part-time work, some were still unemployed, and some have gone into depression. It breaks my heart. I wish no one feels their pain during this Holidays but as we already many people in States are suffering for past two or three years.