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No end in sight

Past few months have been dreadful. I have lost motivation to write anything. I used to be so good. I made a reference in my last post few months back that I will be writing a lot. But that hasn’t been the case. Reviewing music albums had me motivated but I fell off the wagon from that too (no longer temporarily as it seems) – Though, I did enjoy few photoshoot sessions but I ran out of the ideas there as well. At this point, I do feel like I’ve hit a major roadblock in life.

Not sure how this is going to end. No end in sight as it maybe. Next few weeks, I need to find and lock down a new apartment place for another year. As much as I have loved Phoenix, I have played around the idea of moving away. Even though, I do love the short weekend drive up to Vegas and L.A. from time to time.

Few more things to clear out: I won’t be attending Grand Chapter Congress. It kinda sucks as I really wanted to explore Seattle but I just can’t dip into my savings at this moment. Best part? I will be going to Austin in October. Definitely want to explore that city as I’ve heard so much growth in the economy there, and what city offers in terms of culture and music. Phoenix definitely lacks multi-cultural interaction. My ideal place would be San Francisco but Austin isn’t too shabby either.

Life awaits..


2010 Phoenix Fall LEAD

Nov.6th – 8th 2010

While still living in Wisconsin, I missed out on Chicago Spring LEAD as I was saving money for my move to Phoenix. When I learned about Fall LEAD School in Phoenix, I jumped the gun and registered.

Twitter is an amazing social online community. I began ridiculously involved with it and soon discovered a lot of Brothers from other parts of the States. Among Brothers I started following, Ethel was one of them. I had hoped to meet at her Phoenix event. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make at the last minute. However, she did help me introduce to her chapter Gamma Phi.

Hello, Gamma Phi

As I walked into lobby of the Mesa Hilton Hotel, I texted Chapter President Krystal that I am checking in. As I turned to my left side, I see ladies of Gamma Phi. I felt welcome. I had hope to run into old faces at this event, but I felt more connected to the Chapter. And I tell you what….they were a…R.I.O.T.  and Hot Mess can’t never be forgotten. I also realized I can’t party like a 21-year old anymore. But I wish I had gone out with them at Mil Avenue. I kinda regret that.

Met Hilary from IU school, who had moved to Wickenburg (5o miles north of Phoenix). I also got introduce to Katie and Dave, who are a member of Phoenix Thunder Alumni chapter. The alumni chapter isn’t active but they mentioned they plan on being more active in 2011.

Not sure when but I tend to visit El Paso next time for initiation.

Frozen Soul

Sunday was the perfect weather, sunny, in the lower 70s, very little breeze. It was a little taste of heaven. I enjoyed spending time alone, kicking back and reading a book.

I really need to get my wordpress blog fixed and buy the dot com domain otherwise I will regret it later. Because it is no fun to keep on making blog posts and no one else reading. Maybe some of you are but just not commenting it?

Speaking of regrets,  I’ll be helping out a friend with his backyard and plant some stuff this up coming weekend. He lets me experiment things out which is nice to say the least. This time I want to experiment on red peppers and egg plants and some grape vines.


Often I catch myself pushing people around me to work hard and be patient as much as I push myself. I am very indiscriminate about it. From family members, friends to acquaintances, my expectations are really high. This in turn leads to, me making judgement calls, that are totally uncalled for. As I grow older, I know I will have an even harder time with this habit of mine.

On a lighter note, the cold front seems to have gone down in Phoenix. I just might go for a run this morning. I don’t remember the last time I saw snow on the ground in the month of December. Maybe in 2000 I suppose when I was still living in Saudi Arabia.


March 12th, 2010 at United Center in Chicago, IL

April 9th, 2010 at US Airways Center in Phoenix, AZ

The lights go down, 20,000 emo-lite teens scream. On the stage there are 3 skyscrapers. In unison, lights start flickering. As each skyscraper window is brightly lit, the lights turn into carbon copies of men walking up stairs to the top of the buildings. These men reach the top as one by one they slowly fall to their end and knock the others down like dominoes. As this happens the walls of the skyscrapers rise, showing the band as the prog-rock demigods they are.

Muse is nothing if not indulgent. And that’s not a bad thing.

Matt and Dominic

It’s fair Muse didn’t get chart recognition until ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ which ismy  second fav. song by them after ‘Plug In Baby’. However, among teens in the U.S. they became well know because of Twilight soundtrack. It’s nothing wrong for me. I appreciate when a good music as Muse get recognized. I don’t think they’re a rip-off of Radiohead or/and Queen. I appreciate they’ve done some records to honor those bands. And of course, they kick ass live and are definitely one of the best live bands today. I was so impressed that few weeks later I ended up seeing them again in Phoenix.

Chris and Dominic jamming together

Back to Muse. As expected, they played nearly half of their latest album. I was pleased to hear United States of Eurasia (1984 reference) while video of oppressive and corrupt governments were displayed(i.e. Hitler, the U.N., and even Obama). The show, much like the resistance album, had a huge 1984 feel to it. Cameras and eyes were prominently shown on the screens. Even the giant balloons filled with confetti were giant eyeballs. For anyone who has not read George Orwell’s classic book, I highly recommend you do it now.

Of course they played the fan favorites: Starlight, Time is Running Out, Knights of Cydonia, and Supermassive Black Hole. I felt the highlights of the concert were their rendition of Feeling Good, New Born, and Unnatural Selection. Though they did transition the songs with heavy riffs, even playing some Hendrix, Nirvana and the Star Spangled Banner.

If I have any gripes with the show it’s that they didn’t play any songs from their first cd, nor did they play a personal favorites of mine “Take A Bow” and “Butterflies and Hurricanes.” But they did manage to pack a lot of rockin’ into this show, but when a concert is over at 10ish, I am left wanting a little more. They hardly spoke to the audience, but I am all right with that, it was no talk, just rock.

All gripes aside, it really was an experience. One of the greatest concerts I’ve seen! Well..two for me since I couldn’t resist 😀 I really feel that even people who don’t know Muse well would even enjoy the whole event.

Here are few videos I took.