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Odd Man Out

Every time I visit Hobby Lobby or Michales’ I couldn’t help but notice that they are predominantly female focused stores. Go through their posters and you will find that 70% are flowers or buildings with plants, the other 22% are couples kissing, women dancing, cute animals or something similarly gay. It is so hard to find a simple piece of abstract or realism. Where is a guy suppose go do his art shopping?! Especially if he is poor like me.

Then these women shopping there, who are basically 99% of their clientele, smile at you with these meaningful smirks. As if they approve of you for daring to look through their domain. I mean whats’ so freakin hard about decoration?? I would argue that Forest Gump can do it if given someone else’s credit card. I don’t need their approval and they can keep their smiles to themselves

While I am at the subject of shopping, let me also say that I hate all these big clothing corporations for making big bucks out of someone else’s sweat when the poor labors earn less than a dollar for a shirt they sell for fifty. But mostly I hate them for not making odd sized waists and X.5 shoes. Does their capitalist, blood sucking brains can’t get the fact that there are people who aren’t even? I bet God loves odd!

Aiming High

When I see my health in comparison to friends,  I predict I will be leaning back the walls in 15 years from now,  and will be looking for a chair as soon as I hit fifty. Couple of close friends really became an inspiration for me. I still avoid taking vitamin pills. I prefer fruits instead. I have made a promise to myself that I want to be able to pick up my grand daughter and go up a couple dozen stairs without being out of breath!

I hear friends and acquaintances talk about health and their inspirations are to look good, get into a smaller size clothing and often for girls/women is to be ready for theirs or someone else’s wedding, party or any other function like that. For guys its all about muscles but all such inspirations are sure to die down and they won’t help you live independently when your hair starts to turn gray.

Yeah … aim high as good health is a way of life not a one time fling!

Memorial Day weekend highlights

Friday: Did all the grocery shopping, and ran into an old friend of mine. I didn’t know he had moved back to AZ, and is living on the South side of Scottsdale. It was a last minute thing but he politely turn down my invite to BBQ.

Tried out Indian Garden restaurant in Goodyear at buffet hour. The food was alright and the owner I assume thought I was from Mumbai. I get this a lot. His tune changed a bit when I mentioned I’m from Karachi, dawg!

Saturday: Cleaned the house, did 2-week load of laundry and ended up shopping for the cookout. This time I out done myself, and ended up buying food for the month. Pantry is full.

Sunday: Started out making mashed potatoes. I have tried so many recipes online but this time I really got it. I usually left the skin on potatoes for better taste, and it worked! Settle plans with Scott for Vegas trip in July. We’re going to see Soundgarden. This will be my 2nd Soundgarden show, and Scott’s first since 1992.

Come to think of it, I’ve gone to Vegas twice and, because of concert.  Though, last year in October, there was a wedding but I wouldn’t have gone to it if it wasn’t for Alice in Chains concert. This must change….SO…

Finally got to tweet with my frat friends Danielle and Yuliya. TWITTER rules!!! I have ponder the notion of celebrating NYE in Vegas. I hope this plan fell through…Vegas in NYE you just can’t beat!!

Also, got register for three more volunteer projects in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Really looking for it.

Monday: Okay, wanna know what I cooked? Ribs, chicken wings, Zuppa Tuscana, Corn, Chicken Curry, Chicken Biryani, Chicken Cordon Bleu and Chicken Korma. YES!! I love Chicken. It’s my favorite meat. I started out cooking at 11 am and finished around 4 pm. Sorta record for me and first time, at that. Needless to say, I had ran my washer/dryer three times.

But I’m happy how things work out. Now, I don’t have to worry about cooking for next two weeks. My fridge is packed even after three of my friends took food with them.

I missed out on Memorial Day service. Sunday night, I didn’t feel well. Plus, I don’t know much about community on the west side of the town. It takes one to know one. Oh well, there’s always next year.

I reactived my FB account only after two weeks. I had to do it since there was an invite in e-mail for happy hour gathering of Deltasigs. I’ve not been involved with the alumni chapter ever since my move to AZ. Just didn’t have time then and not sure if I’d in roughly 3 weeks or so. I did RSVP, anyway and hoping that Hillary shows up too. I might not go if she’s not there. Only Brother I really know besides Katie who I met at LEAD last year. We had only brief conversation, her being from Wisconsin. I’ll see how it goes. Don’t know if I’ll have time to be involved.

p.s. I just realized I haven’t made much entries to my journal. This must change. At this point, I am keeping this blog as it is – I’ll purchase the dot com domain sometime down the road when I’ve time.

Frozen Soul

Sunday was the perfect weather, sunny, in the lower 70s, very little breeze. It was a little taste of heaven. I enjoyed spending time alone, kicking back and reading a book.

I really need to get my wordpress blog fixed and buy the dot com domain otherwise I will regret it later. Because it is no fun to keep on making blog posts and no one else reading. Maybe some of you are but just not commenting it?

Speaking of regrets,  I’ll be helping out a friend with his backyard and plant some stuff this up coming weekend. He lets me experiment things out which is nice to say the least. This time I want to experiment on red peppers and egg plants and some grape vines.

Basics from Childhood

I remember how, when I was little, I would think adults were very silly. They would argue endlessly about small things like “Which color of curtains would match the walls most?” , or “Should we invite X and Y together or separately for dinner?” Sometimes, they would spend hours deciding which shirt would go better with their pants… And I remember thinking: ‘When I would grow up, I wouldn’t waste even a moment my time on such useless matters.’

Amongst the few people that I thought were sensible, were my grandparents. They were also the amongst the few who listened to what I said, very respectfully. They would narrate stories, and listen to how I felt about them. Whether the fairy should have helped the farmer or not, was just as important to Grandpa as it was to me.

But whenever I would hear conversations of ‘grown-ups’ or a snippets on PTV news, I would be surprised to hear that people were killing each other because of religions. Granpai had always told us: “All people in the world are alike. There is one God, and all He wants is that each of us do good things.” And I understood it. But why were the adults having such a hard time to follow it? If only, they asked one of us kids.

I was in grade 1 when I grew really fond of watching movies. We had bought a new VCR – they were not so common those days – and I watched Bollywood movies infinite times. The comedy and fighting was entertaining. As more and more love stories became the central theme of movies, I developed my ideas of the concept of love. You were supposed to fall in love with someone, and then spend the rest of your life with them in the joy and happiness. It was so simple.

Easy Excuses

‘Everyone does it.’ or ‘Even XYZ does it, so why can’t I?’ Such an easy way out of any argument, isn’t it? I have caught myself making that justification and often people around me bring it up. Sometimes we do it to justify something that is good, which only serves to strengthens our habit of making these excuses whenever convenient.

Those who make this excuse often, lack self confidence and are followers, not leaders. Leaders are those who take the road less traveled and lead by example. They might not always be right but it takes courage to say what others can only think of or do what others can only talk about.

I am trying to get rid of this habit from my own, so at least when I try to make a point, I don’t come out as a hypocrite. Already I do a lot of things that make me uneasy when I realize that kids who I volunteer with will be doing these too. From little things like, not stopping completely at the stop sign or a casual lie (ok, not a lie but not the whole truth) just to avoid the hassle of answering the endless trailing questions.

While we teach our children, they teach us things about ourselves we will never realize otherwise.