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Though for the Day

The best feeling in life is the one of growth, where you feel that you are learning new things, contributing in new ways, and becoming a better person each day.


Life lessons

Life teaches you so many lessons. One of the best way it teaches us is through loss. Sometimes, you lose a lot, and are left to the bare minimum. And it is then that you rediscover yourself, because there’s hardly anything more left to be seen. Like a newly-wed bride who’s just taken off her make-up, the reality in the mirror is not pristine, but it is pure and beautiful.

Big Russ and Me

I just finished reading Tim Russert’s book  “Big Russ and Me.”  The book is full of anecdotes from daily life, focusing on the lessons Tim Russert learned from his father, whom he called ‘Big Russ’.

Russert was one of the finest journalists on American Television, and was known for his ability to translate complex policy formulation in to a language that the common man could understand.In this book, Russert recounts his school days, the influence of his teachers, the inspiration from seeing his father work two jobs to ensure his kids could go to school, the love of parents, the feeling of intimacy in a small town, joys of simple living and the ethic of discipline. The book is inspiring because so many of these stories and incidents are the stuff that most of us can relate to, through direct experience. Tim Russert did a fine job putting them in to words.Amongst the lessons from the book that I can recall off-the-top of my head, are:

  • Smile and confidently greet people when meeting them, especially for the first time.
  • Channel extra energy constructively.
  • Be mindful of the effects of your actions on others, and make sure you have a positive impact.
  • Have fun, food and frolic in life.
  • Try to think out-of-the-box; I translate it to myself thus: retain your common-sense, under all circumstances.
  • There is much beyond education that constitutes learning and ability.
  • Work with people who inspire you.
  • Set high standards for yourself, and be disciplined.
  • Things are never perfect; objective optimism is a good policy.
  •  When you screw something up, own up to it and apologize.

Of course, there’s much more, and anecdotes are always interesting to read. Overall, a very good book — one that I’d definitely recommend to any book reader.

No Heart Beat

I always had an issue with disappointing people and that made conversations which will lead to such moments, difficult. I used to get sweaty palms, nervous voice while going through it, I would rehearse my lines over and over again. And after the whole ordeal, I will be left with this awful sense of guilt and over all blahh feeling.

Well, yesterday I had one such conversation and I didn’t feel a thing. No remorse, no hesitation. I was very polite though, and the fact that my conversation was a total surprise for the person listening kinda helped. I guess he was in a shock to have responded unkindly. I was thinking, it will hit me the next day but so far so good.

Maybe, I am getting old or more mature. Whatever the reason, I like my new skill.

Thought for the Day

The best feeling in life is the one of growth, where you feel that you are learning new things, contributing in new ways, and becoming a better person each day.

A Clarity in Vision

It is an interesting stage where I am. This is going to be about the trajectory of my life, and what may seem like incoherent paths that I have recently traversed.

Throughout the past few years, I have followed a deeper instinct in making choices. A lot of decisions have been taken at a subconscious level. Questions have occurred quite often. I think it is time to pen them down. And I wish to share them here so that others know, so that all my friends remember and motivate me when they can.

Deep inside my heart, I have really wanted to contribute in the field of education, but at a school level. From personal experience, I know what an inspiration at a young age can do. How much energy it can provide…

As a child, I had a lot of questions — many, many more than I do now.  And I felt that I needed someone who wouldn’t mind me asking so many things from unrelated aspects of study. Economics, Physics, Psychology, Literature, Engineering and leadership may seem very different. But for a child, a question is a question. It is a desire to understand life.

I have wanted to educate myself about different things, and have worked very hard at it. I have worked hard to gain a diverse set of experiences in different environments. Sometimes, specialized knowledge across different streams of study may seem purposeless. But I feel it widens our perspective and makes us more open to possibilities. Personally, I wish to spend some more time learning, and developing ideas more clear. This, while knowing that with time trajectories can evolve and perspectives can grow. I hope and will work hard to let this evolution be positive. In the meantime, more learning, growing, volunteering and doing the grunt work that is so much fun!

I’m still young

I shouldn’t keep trying to push myself like I am still a teen. These long exam nights with no food but caffeine was good and dandy 10 years ago. Now I need to realize that I am old and soon to be old man. The other day I tried holding my breath but couldn’t even do 80 seconds. Once upon a time I used to do it for 2 minutes. 120 FREAKIN SECONDS.

Anyway, tomorrow big bosses are visiting and I have to do a presentation again. I am sure with no sleep tonight and a tiring final first thing in the morning, I will screw up that presentation for sure. Damn, I just remembered, I need to iron my lucky shirt..

Ok ok .. no more wasting time, study study study, breakfast, final, presentation prep, lunch with big wigs and then SHOW TIME.

Humm .. Come to think of it, I am still kickin and young