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Memorial Day weekend highlights

Friday: Did all the grocery shopping, and ran into an old friend of mine. I didn’t know he had moved back to AZ, and is living on the South side of Scottsdale. It was a last minute thing but he politely turn down my invite to BBQ.

Tried out Indian Garden restaurant in Goodyear at buffet hour. The food was alright and the owner I assume thought I was from Mumbai. I get this a lot. His tune changed a bit when I mentioned I’m from Karachi, dawg!

Saturday: Cleaned the house, did 2-week load of laundry and ended up shopping for the cookout. This time I out done myself, and ended up buying food for the month. Pantry is full.

Sunday: Started out making mashed potatoes. I have tried so many recipes online but this time I really got it. I usually left the skin on potatoes for better taste, and it worked! Settle plans with Scott for Vegas trip in July. We’re going to see Soundgarden. This will be my 2nd Soundgarden show, and Scott’s first since 1992.

Come to think of it, I’ve gone to Vegas twice and, because of concert.  Though, last year in October, there was a wedding but I wouldn’t have gone to it if it wasn’t for Alice in Chains concert. This must change….SO…

Finally got to tweet with my frat friends Danielle and Yuliya. TWITTER rules!!! I have ponder the notion of celebrating NYE in Vegas. I hope this plan fell through…Vegas in NYE you just can’t beat!!

Also, got register for three more volunteer projects in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Really looking for it.

Monday: Okay, wanna know what I cooked? Ribs, chicken wings, Zuppa Tuscana, Corn, Chicken Curry, Chicken Biryani, Chicken Cordon Bleu and Chicken Korma. YES!! I love Chicken. It’s my favorite meat. I started out cooking at 11 am and finished around 4 pm. Sorta record for me and first time, at that. Needless to say, I had ran my washer/dryer three times.

But I’m happy how things work out. Now, I don’t have to worry about cooking for next two weeks. My fridge is packed even after three of my friends took food with them.

I missed out on Memorial Day service. Sunday night, I didn’t feel well. Plus, I don’t know much about community on the west side of the town. It takes one to know one. Oh well, there’s always next year.

I reactived my FB account only after two weeks. I had to do it since there was an invite in e-mail for happy hour gathering of Deltasigs. I’ve not been involved with the alumni chapter ever since my move to AZ. Just didn’t have time then and not sure if I’d in roughly 3 weeks or so. I did RSVP, anyway and hoping that Hillary shows up too. I might not go if she’s not there. Only Brother I really know besides Katie who I met at LEAD last year. We had only brief conversation, her being from Wisconsin. I’ll see how it goes. Don’t know if I’ll have time to be involved.

p.s. I just realized I haven’t made much entries to my journal. This must change. At this point, I am keeping this blog as it is – I’ll purchase the dot com domain sometime down the road when I’ve time.


Frozen Soul

Sunday was the perfect weather, sunny, in the lower 70s, very little breeze. It was a little taste of heaven. I enjoyed spending time alone, kicking back and reading a book.

I really need to get my wordpress blog fixed and buy the dot com domain otherwise I will regret it later. Because it is no fun to keep on making blog posts and no one else reading. Maybe some of you are but just not commenting it?

Speaking of regrets,  I’ll be helping out a friend with his backyard and plant some stuff this up coming weekend. He lets me experiment things out which is nice to say the least. This time I want to experiment on red peppers and egg plants and some grape vines.

McDonald Girl

I have a sweet tooth and the damn thing is totally out of my control. I normally have a chocolate fudge sundae from McDonald’s almost every other day. Unfortunately, there is only one McDonald’s nearby my apartment – and the woman who takes orders at the drive through lane has given me attention lately. Since I am a frequent visitor she knows me quite well. I think she can even tell my voice from the speaker phone. 

The thing that leaves me speechless is her behavior at the delivery window. She always tries to make small talk first before she goes and gets the sundae. I don’t think she flirts. So, for the past few visits, I have been smiling back and being the nice guy that I am. Then I started noticing that she is showing off every time I’m up there at the window waiting for the ice cream to get ready.. so I decided not to smile today..gave her the good old North American cold shoulder…well, I think it broke her heart..she looked offended..gave me ‘Get Lost’ kinda look. I mean can we please keep the whole thing professional ..you give me the sundae, I give you the money and I drive off..what’s with this high school scene where we are exchanging smiles and getting offended. The chemistry between men and women is way out there these days….it needs to be re-evaluated for crying out loud.

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