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25 Rondom things about me

This went out on Facebook about a year ago. Thought, I should include this in my blog entry.

As of Nov 8th, 2010

1. 19 of my 28 years have been lived in Pakistan (13) and Saudi Arabia (6).

2. I grew up in a Conservative family, however, I am Liberal.

3. My childhood dream was to be a fighter pilot.

4. I often dream of a short role in a Martin Scorsese’s movie.

5. My celebrity crush is Lauren Graham.

6. I love Tequila.

7. My current favorite band is The White Stripes.

8. My favorite song is Wicked Games by Chris Isaac.

9. I am good with remembering names.

10. My biggest regret is not keeping up my proficiency in playing the guitar and piano.

11. I am addicted to Olives.

12. My mind works best when I am multitasking.

13. I function better by instinct than by planning. Really.

14. I am most attracted by the mysterious.

15. If I could be successful at anything of my choosing, I would be a good dad and husband.

16. I got scared the first time I saw Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.

17. I love the smell of coffee.

18. I’ve come to believe that you do not know something until you can articulate it or perform it.

19. I love driving. Really

20. Reflection is hard but necessary for growth.

21. My idea of a really exciting time would be to spend a month by myself in some far off lonely place without anybody else around.

22. Wherever I go, I hear the music playing in the background and judge the place/people based on what is being played. Music is always playing inside my head–even in my sleep! Everything gets accompanied to some kind of music track going on inside my brain.

23. My biggest fear is religious fundamentalism of any creed—at least the kind that causes people to hate each other.

24. I am optimistic about people and want to see everyone reach their full potential.

25. Most of my life I have shared easily but with few. With Social media (blogging, facebook, twitter) I now share with many but no longer with ease.