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No end in sight

Past few months have been dreadful. I have lost motivation to write anything. I used to be so good. I made a reference in my last post few months back that I will be writing a lot. But that hasn’t been the case. Reviewing music albums had me motivated but I fell off the wagon from that too (no longer temporarily as it seems) – Though, I did enjoy few photoshoot sessions but I ran out of the ideas there as well. At this point, I do feel like I’ve hit a major roadblock in life.

Not sure how this is going to end. No end in sight as it maybe. Next few weeks, I need to find and lock down a new apartment place for another year. As much as I have loved Phoenix, I have played around the idea of moving away. Even though, I do love the short weekend drive up to Vegas and L.A. from time to time.

Few more things to clear out: I won’t be attending Grand Chapter Congress. It kinda sucks as I really wanted to explore Seattle but I just can’t dip into my savings at this moment. Best part? I will be going to Austin in October. Definitely want to explore that city as I’ve heard so much growth in the economy there, and what city offers in terms of culture and music. Phoenix definitely lacks multi-cultural interaction. My ideal place would be San Francisco but Austin isn’t too shabby either.

Life awaits..


Sunrise Tube

A physiology major needs to do research on why youtube seems so interesting when you have an exam the next day. I wasted almost two hours on it last night. Its unbelievable. I would keep telling myself after this clip from Radiohead, I will go back to studying. By the time I got done with all of ’em, I was too sleepy to study. Evil, evil computer. I am sure I flunked the test.

Sunday was gorgeous out. In the 70s with very light breeze. Couldn’t have wished for a better day. I’m so ready to get in the dirt, and enjoy the summer time again in Arizona and California in coming next two months or so. I have it all worked out in my head. I am planting veggies in the back and totally new look for the front for few of my friends houses. It’s gonna be so much fun!

Psi chapter re-activation

I remember hearing about Madison chapter being closed for quite sometime during my pledge process in 2008. So I was stoked to learn that colony was finally ready to become an active chapter in the professional fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi

I knew Cody, who was the President of all the pledges (22 in total, I think). He was able to gather good group of Business students. Much props to him how much navigated this process, starting out as a freshman.

I went with Rachel and BF (not a brother) to this event. Few other brothers (Zach, Mitch, Casey and her BF Joe (also a Brother)  from my chapter Xi Chi also joined us in. As I was standing outside the hall where pledges were suppose to have their final interview to be done, I met Kim (former VP of Great Lakes Region). Interestingly, this was my last time seeing her as words was out she was expecting. I know it will be quite a while I’ll see her next time around. So I managed to had discussion about future. She knew it that I was moving to Phoenix within two weeks. I was able to get info about Phoenix Thunderbird Alumni chapter from her. Also, I had good discussion with former Grand President, Kathy J!

..with Kim, former VP of Great Lakes Region

As I ended conversation with Kim, I spoke to Belyn who flew all the way from California to the reactivation process. Apparently, Belyn and Cody have been long time friends and she was there to support him and the colony. How cool is that! One thing I have learned being in the fraternity our brotherhood goes long ways. We’ve to stay connected to be able to help each other out. Another Brother Jacob from Georgia State University flew from Atlanta to represent the chapter. Major Major props to him. I mentioned to him that I did meet his chapter at St. Louis LEAD. Jacob was there too, but I was too much consumed with Rachael and Keayia. Hahaha

...with Belyn and Rachel

Xi Chi represent...with Mitch and Rachel

I was a bit surprised that none of the neophytes got the Purpose right. It was a bit stunning. I know everyone screws up credit and debit question. But none of neophytes got it correct in multiple tries. Perhaps nervousness finally caught up with them?

After initiation was concluded, everyone relaxed hit the bar and then to the dance in the near by club. I ended up meeting NIBs, met with Burton Bridges, 2009 COY, and lost the dance off with Dennis (newly VP of Great Lakes Region)

with Burton and Marianne

On the dance floor with Belyn.

...with Belyn, Dennis and Christine...Yeah..we rocked the dance-off party!!

All in all, a great night. Made new friends and the first experience of the reactivation of the chapter was quite amazing. Now, only event that needs to be check off from my list is, Grand Chapter Congress.

Here’s hoping I get to go to Seattle in 2013 where Grand Chapter Congress will be held. Plus, it will be a bonus to see the place, where Grunge music broke the mainstream media. I hope I get to go..I hope…I hope..

Sour Perfection

I feel this great inner content when things just work out the way I want. Though sometimes its followed by this scary feeling that it was just too perfect so maybe there is something wrong that I don’t know about. Kinda gives you a bad taste after a bit of excitement. Hopefully I am not the only one who feels this way. Anyway, this was in regards to the fact that I just reserved a car rental for the California weekend and got a cheap rate from hotwire. The great thing is that its from Hertz! I haven’t had such luck since … umm .. can’t think of any.

Jason Falkner

August 25, 2010 at Spaceland in Los Angeles

I’ve never heard about Jason Falkner up until my friend Scott mentioned to me in late April of 2010. Since, I love Pop music, Scott told me to give a listen to Jason Falkner and Jellyfish. He considers Jellyfish to be the most underrated band in the history of music. While doing research about them, Jellyfish came out in early 90s and hardly got a radio play. 90s were the scene of Grunge and Alternative Rock.

Jason Falkner left Jellyfish because his songs were not considered for album by band members. I actually prefer his solo work over Jellyfish. Jellyfish sounds like Power Pop, along the lines of The Beatles and The Beach Boys.

Anyway, I mentioned to Scott about Jason Falkner gig in Los Angeles in late August. I could see his face lit up like thousand bolts at once. When I got back from Lollapalooza, I gave him the green light for California trip…and we were on!

The gig was at a Spaceland in L.A.  I actually saw Jason taking out amplifiers from his van. I told Scott…’Hey look..he looks like Jason Falkner’ – I had trouble recognizing him since he grew his hair. Much to my surprise, he responded with wave, and it was really Jason Falkner!! As usual, I made sure to get a spot up front. And this time I was up at the microphone grill. Did fist bump with Jason Falkner before the start of the show. And the show was on…


I wished he play ‘Lost Myself’ song – that was only my favorite song he didn’t do. Otherwise, the gig was kick ass. The crowd was diverse, but there were a lot of people in their 40s. I was standing next to two middle-aged ladies who flew from Atlanta to see him. Well, if that doesn’t called being a true fan then I don’t know what will.

Jason Falkner

After the gig, Scott wanted to split. Jason had gone backstage and we couldn’t find him right away to talk to him. But I made him stay for a little bit. It was funny by the time we were leaving, we saw Jason talking to the same ladies I was standing next to during the show. Ha!

Me with Jason Falkner and my buddy, Scott

We finally got to talk to him. Interesting enough..I was keeping an eye on a young hottie girl, not knowing she was the girlfriend of Jason.  WHOOPS!! But hey can’t blame a guy for checking out a hot brunette. 😉

with Jason Falkner - He's the MAN!!

Overall, a great experience. I know he does gigs mostly on West Coast. If things go according to the plan, I will be at his next gig in L.A. for sure.

Check out few of Jason Falkner’s video.

Happy Cynic

A college friend from long ago contacted me on LinkedIn this weekend. She was sharp, very hard working and one of the top students in our class. I looked through her profile and she is working for a startup in California. I suspect that she contacted me because she is preparing for the worse in the rumors of layoffs. While I was at it, I also looked at the profile of a common friend of ours who is now linked to both of us. He cheated his way through college, yes, literally cheated. If you ask him, he wouldn’t know how many bits are in a byte. He is an IT manager at a respectable firm. Which goes to show, life is not only unfair, it’s often bizarre. And where you are in your material life depends on what opportunities you passed and which you availed and how many times you got caught doing something you shouldn’t have been doing. I have to admit, that cheating friend of ours had great social skills. He went to church not for God, but because he thought it was a good way to make friends of need. So I guess the ass kissining goes much further than your brain cells. Yeah, isn’t that a surprise?


I am beginning to believe that some people have an inherent disability to comprehend simple things in life and these ‘some’ people are the majority among my acquaintances. So I write this long email explaining a matter in great detail from all aspects and then I get phone calls asking me to explain it all over again on the phone. Which I did and then when nothing moved forward, I sent a followup email. In response, I get more phone calls asking me to explain one more time what it is all about.  And they want to legalize marijuana? It seems like we are all already stoned as is!