30s Bucket List

I always like to challenge myself. This bucket list deal started out as an innocent act when I turned 20. While, I wasn’t able to achieve all what I had put down, I was proud to be able to put my foot down, and got 6.5 out 10 on the list done.

Here’s what I like to do in my 30s.

1. Being financially stable, have a career that I love and prosper my life into.
2. Start a side gig as a Professional Photographer. Keep touch bases with friends who offered to help for photoshoot.
3. Attend Grand Chapter Congress Seattle 2013
4. Roadtrip on Route US 50
5. Payoff DEBT!
6. Become a Board member for a non-profit organization.
7. Become a U.S. citizen
8. Own a home
9. Attend overseas music festivals: Reading, Rock in Rio, Rock Am Ring
10. Visit Dubai, Venice, Shanghai, Tokyo, Cabo, Cancun, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Turkey, Jerusalem, Mecca, Medina, Najaf & Karbala


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