Common Misconception about Technology

I’ve noticed that a lot of people has this odd idea in their heads that the technology moves so fast we can barely keep up. The other day I was talking to someone who told me that he would never go into computer science because “In the time it takes you to get your degree, everything you have learned is already obsolete.” Wow, really? I mean, yes – the laptop you buy as a freshman, may be becoming obsolete when you graduate (but only if you use it for gaming), but the knowledge?

There seems to be this crazy notion floating around that the technology in 10-20 years, will be so crazy awesome that all our current knowledge will be useless against the brand new super science powering all the flying cars and bionic computers. Cause, you know – slow-tards don’t know about quantum computing, so the next best thing is like bio-engineering and shit. Have you ever experienced this? Cause it happens every time I try to talk about future advancements in technology. There is always someone saying – hey, the technology is moving so fast, that you never know what we will be using 20 years from now.

Unless we do reach singularity before that 20-year mark, I can tell you exactly what we are going to be using. Same old shit, only on faster hardware. For example, we will still be sorting shit using Quicksort because that’s pretty much the best thing we got. And guess what, Quicksort has been developped in 1960!

This may shock some of my non-technologically inclined readers (although I can’t imagine why would they keep reading me, since I keep offending them every chance I get) but a 51 years old algorithm is still the fastest and most efficient, way to sort.

Dear boys and girls, the valid and proven concepts and ideas never get old. The tools and languages we use to express these concepts with, may become obsolete and fade out of use, but the concepts themselves are pretty much constant. They are the base on which we build all the new software. Computer science is just like any other science – progress is achieved by building on top of existing body of knowledge. Not by rejecting everything and building programs from scratch like some people may think.

So 20 years from now, we will still be using the same algorithms and the same design patterns, in object oriented programing languages, and connecting to relational databases. And you know what, C, C++ will still be dominant fucking languages. Java still be everywhere, and I will still be browsing the web using Google Chrome. And Microsoft will still be a pain in the ass monopolist. The only difference is that we will all probably be running on 64 bit architecture, with more than 4GB of RAM.


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