Introduce Yourself

No, The Real Thing was not Faith No More’s first album. This underrated album, the band’s second, was actually the one that started to get the band noticed, primarily because of the underground single “We Care A Lot” (actually a reprise from their underwhelming first album, also called We Care A Lot), an anthemic shout along that showcased their unique mix of hard metallic guitar, a fiercely funky rhythm section, and moody keyboards. Indeed, Faith No More is perhaps the only band that has successfully integrated these disparate elements, along with a singer/rapper, into a successful whole without it seeming at all forced. This album is a surprisingly strong early effort and is definitely worth seeking out for any fan that came aboard later, such as yours truly. Chuck Mosley is the vocalist here, and though he’s no Mike Patton his nasally shouts/raps fit well with the material, though it should be noted that many fans find him to be an acquired taste (to put it mildly). The fact that he was black also brought the band some needed pub; let’s face it, black people in heavy metal being a rarity.

Anyway, “Annie’s Song” and “Chinese Arithmetic” are also really catchy and impressive, while the menacingly grinding “Death March,” the brief but hard-hitting title track, and the surging “Blood” also hit the right pleasure points. In fact, the whole album rocks, and though the band is sometimes a tad too stingy with their hooks and the album is short on truly memorable songs (though most of them sound really good while they’re playing), Introduce Yourself is far more than merely an appetizer for future band breakthroughs.


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