2010 Phoenix Fall LEAD

Nov.6th – 8th 2010

While still living in Wisconsin, I missed out on Chicago Spring LEAD as I was saving money for my move to Phoenix. When I learned about Fall LEAD School in Phoenix, I jumped the gun and registered.

Twitter is an amazing social online community. I began ridiculously involved with it and soon discovered a lot of Brothers from other parts of the States. Among Brothers I started following, Ethel was one of them. I had hoped to meet at her Phoenix event. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make at the last minute. However, she did help me introduce to her chapter Gamma Phi.

Hello, Gamma Phi

As I walked into lobby of the Mesa Hilton Hotel, I texted Chapter President Krystal that I am checking in. As I turned to my left side, I see ladies of Gamma Phi. I felt welcome. I had hope to run into old faces at this event, but I felt more connected to the Chapter. And I tell you what….they were a…R.I.O.T.  and Hot Mess can’t never be forgotten. I also realized I can’t party like a 21-year old anymore. But I wish I had gone out with them at Mil Avenue. I kinda regret that.

Met Hilary from IU school, who had moved to Wickenburg (5o miles north of Phoenix). I also got introduce to Katie and Dave, who are a member of Phoenix Thunder Alumni chapter. The alumni chapter isn’t active but they mentioned they plan on being more active in 2011.

Not sure when but I tend to visit El Paso next time for initiation.


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