Sabino Canyon

One of the premier natural areas in the southeastern Arizona, located in Tuscon only 2 hours away from Phoenix, Sabino Canyon is my favorite hiking spot, at least in Arizona. I’ve had the pleasure of hitting the trails twice in the month of April (2010 and 2011).

In 2011, I learned if it doesn’t rain much, you might be bummed about not seeing water flowing the trails. Though, a good choice of getting wet at No. 8 spot would sealed the deal.

There are two parts of this hiking spot. One is Sabino Canyon where you will see waterfalls and walk through all the trails, and be able to see what nature has to offer. Second spot is Bear Canyon where you can see and encounter wildlife animals such as Mountain Lion. I’ve not done Bear Canyon since I prefer to relax by the pond and get myself wet

Sabino Canyon shuttle cost 8 bucks while Bear Canyon is 3. Sabino Canyon trail hits 9 spots. Once you are at the 9 spot, it’s better to walk all the way to the front. Depending upon how you walk, it shouldn’t take more than an hour way back to the recreation area.

In between you’re bound to see flowers, waterfalls and few trails that you should going into unless you’re a professional hiker and/or really not afraid of wildlife animals without supervision. There are picnic spots available at Sabino Canyon for BBQ. Highly recommended for family fun. If you’re a runner or biker, this place is heaven for you!


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