Foo Figthers

Who knew? After several years toiling behind the drum kit with Nirvana, Dave Grohl emerged into the limelight again with a new band (though in truth he plays almost everything on this album) and this often-outstanding debut album. And let’s get this out of the way right away: yes, there are major traces of Nirvana on Foo Fighters, as the album predictably features big drums and grungy guitars. But Grohl’s voice is much smoother and his melodies considerably sunnier than Kurt Cobain’s, though like Cobain, Grohl has a (heretofore hidden) knack for killer grunge pop melodies.

“This Is A Call” and “Big Me” are great examples of Grohl’s simple but irresistible pop craftsmanship, and heavier tracks such as “I’ll Stick Around” (with it’s famous “I don’t owe you anything” refrain, thought by many to be directed at Cobain’s widow Courtney Love) are effectively rendered by a raw mix. The rest of the album has a hard time living up to that fantastic 1-2-3 punch, but songs such as “Good Grief,” “Floaty,” “For All The Cows,” and “Exhausted” also have much to recommend about them.

And though there are a couple of nondescript tracks and it’s difficult to decipher exactly what Grohl is getting at lyrically, this deliciously grungy sonic onslaught was very well-received by the masses, and rightfully so


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