Walking Down the Lane of Life

Reality. Life. Time — 3 fundamental things that I have scarcely understood.

One begins to use the five senses as a viewfinder for reality, only to realize eventually that what we sense are mere waves on an infinitely deep ocean.

Life, to me, used to be the grand, self-centered illusion of existence. However, a look at the skies, the ephemeral nature of our years, is enough to make us realize how “small” we are in the grand scheme of things.

Time. One only knows of things after their birth. One never knows of things that happen after they die. So the infinities of time are compressed in to a lifetime, underscoring a personal myth of immortality. Yet, maturity and a range of experiences help man realize how time itself is an illusion.

Amidst the nature of reality, life and time, an exciting event takes place: the birth of purpose. Life is worthwhile with a purpose. Every one assigns their lives some purpose, trivial or crucial, short-term or long-term. Belief of some sort helps mark trajectories that trace this purpose.

Spirituality and science provide insights to the relevance (or irrelevance) of linking purpose to self-realization. The gradual distancing of ego and action is painful at first — it leads to emptiness as conditioning departs — but evolves in to a detached silence. One understands, smiles, walks along.

The lessons are somehow planned in a customized way for every person. Life throws us all in to different situations, at different stages for different reasons. Not very surprisingly, this journey of life also seems to have its own ways of testing us. The more you learn, the harder the tests get. It is in the toughest situations, the darkest hours, that the ideas of meaning, purpose and silence need to be practiced. They are needed most then. Paradoxically, it is easiest to lose grip of these thoughts at precisely these testing moments.

Paths. Crossroads. Hopes. Detachment.

Let me pause.

Now one step, at a time.



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