Randomness in Life

There is a lot of randomness in life. A lot of things are circumstantial. For instance, a farmer can plant the seeds, yet not control the weather. A student can study hard, yet not help if they get sick during the morning of their exam.

Over the past one year, life seems to have taken me on a wave of extremes. At times, I have wondered as to who is controlling the trajectory. I think essence of life is… to be at ease. Do our part. And let what is not in our control not be worried about.

There were times when I used to think how helpless we are. But that’s not true. A student may not be able to completely control their health at exam time, but they can ensure that they are well prepared. When we take care of our parts, uncertainties are minimized. The remaining randomness… is what makes life exciting, worth living!




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