Over the past few months, I have spent hectic days of study, interspersed with idle walks around the lake, book reading and just being myself.

With the passage of time, it seems more and more clear that happiness is closer than we imagine. Moments of laughter with friends and family, companionship, and a clear conscience — these things are more important than anything else. Solving complex equations, getting a wonderful job, impressing someone… they all may be good, but only so much in the overall scheme of things.

The past few months have also helped me understand that potential should not be overlooked in the present, especially during tough times. It helps you see the best in every person, every situation, every object.

Additionally, I have begun to appreciate the factor of randomness in life more than ever… a lot of times, paths evolve, plans reform, dreams fly. Sometimes, nature and chance bring you from one place to another, at their discretion. It may or may not seem positive at first, but it can always be made that way with perspective, effort and acceptance. Possibilities and acceptance should be balanced well in one’s perspective of life.

At this point in my life, I feel relaxed, I feel happy. I feel grateful for the experiences that I have had, and for the possibilities that are ahead of me, without any condition of them being fulfilled.

Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude. I can’t stress this enough!


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