A Clarity in Vision

It is an interesting stage where I am. This is going to be about the trajectory of my life, and what may seem like incoherent paths that I have recently traversed.

Throughout the past few years, I have followed a deeper instinct in making choices. A lot of decisions have been taken at a subconscious level. Questions have occurred quite often. I think it is time to pen them down. And I wish to share them here so that others know, so that all my friends remember and motivate me when they can.

Deep inside my heart, I have really wanted to contribute in the field of education, but at a school level. From personal experience, I know what an inspiration at a young age can do. How much energy it can provide…

As a child, I had a lot of questions — many, many more than I do now.  And I felt that I needed someone who wouldn’t mind me asking so many things from unrelated aspects of study. Economics, Physics, Psychology, Literature, Engineering and leadership may seem very different. But for a child, a question is a question. It is a desire to understand life.

I have wanted to educate myself about different things, and have worked very hard at it. I have worked hard to gain a diverse set of experiences in different environments. Sometimes, specialized knowledge across different streams of study may seem purposeless. But I feel it widens our perspective and makes us more open to possibilities. Personally, I wish to spend some more time learning, and developing ideas more clear. This, while knowing that with time trajectories can evolve and perspectives can grow. I hope and will work hard to let this evolution be positive. In the meantime, more learning, growing, volunteering and doing the grunt work that is so much fun!


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