Basics from Childhood

I remember how, when I was little, I would think adults were very silly. They would argue endlessly about small things like “Which color of curtains would match the walls most?” , or “Should we invite X and Y together or separately for dinner?” Sometimes, they would spend hours deciding which shirt would go better with their pants… And I remember thinking: ‘When I would grow up, I wouldn’t waste even a moment my time on such useless matters.’

Amongst the few people that I thought were sensible, were my grandparents. They were also the amongst the few who listened to what I said, very respectfully. They would narrate stories, and listen to how I felt about them. Whether the fairy should have helped the farmer or not, was just as important to Grandpa as it was to me.

But whenever I would hear conversations of ‘grown-ups’ or a snippets on PTV news, I would be surprised to hear that people were killing each other because of religions. Granpai had always told us: “All people in the world are alike. There is one God, and all He wants is that each of us do good things.” And I understood it. But why were the adults having such a hard time to follow it? If only, they asked one of us kids.

I was in grade 1 when I grew really fond of watching movies. We had bought a new VCR – they were not so common those days – and I watched Bollywood movies infinite times. The comedy and fighting was entertaining. As more and more love stories became the central theme of movies, I developed my ideas of the concept of love. You were supposed to fall in love with someone, and then spend the rest of your life with them in the joy and happiness. It was so simple.


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