I’m still young

I shouldn’t keep trying to push myself like I am still a teen. These long exam nights with no food but caffeine was good and dandy 10 years ago. Now I need to realize that I am old and soon to be old man. The other day I tried holding my breath but couldn’t even do 80 seconds. Once upon a time I used to do it for 2 minutes. 120 FREAKIN SECONDS.

Anyway, tomorrow big bosses are visiting and I have to do a presentation again. I am sure with no sleep tonight and a tiring final first thing in the morning, I will screw up that presentation for sure. Damn, I just remembered, I need to iron my lucky shirt..

Ok ok .. no more wasting time, study study study, breakfast, final, presentation prep, lunch with big wigs and then SHOW TIME.

Humm .. Come to think of it, I am still kickin and young


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