So I ran into my friend’s girlfriend today after a year or so. It wasn’t planned. I just met her while grocery shopping. She saw me, screamed, hugged and asked about my friend. The way she greeted me, I got the feeling she is not up-to date with the latest news on our common friend. Well, the story goes….my friend got married last year to a Pakistani girl in Pakistan. I had a feeling that he wouldn’t come back to the States and that’s what happened. Last month his wife gave birth to an adorable girl and now his chances of coming back are really slim. I didn’t know what to tell the girl. I didn’t want to break the news nor I wanted to hide it – so I just ran away and told her that I’m getting late but before I could run, she took my phone number and I bet she will call me to find out what’s going on.

I emailed my dickhead friend and told him about who I met today. He replied by saying just tell her you don’t know the details. God! I hate it when people ask me to lie on their behalf. He has left the girl hanging and put me in an odd spot.The girl knew what kinda player she was dealing with – she should have known better..oh well.


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