Self-hating desi

I consider myself lucky that I migrated in the U.S. to a place less frequented with desis’ (means native among Pakistanis, Indians) . Those people who immigrate to metropolitan areas crawling with Desi’s never tend to experience the diverse American life. Their kids might enjoy the multiculturalism but they themselves never get a chance.

Some common beliefs or habits of these desis’ are:

  1. They dress like they did in the 80s or 90s and are pretty proud of it.
  2. Women’s fashion sense is what’s latest on PTV/GEO/ARY/ZeeTV/Doordarshan & their hips never seem to fit the jeans they wear, either too tight or too lose and no matter what they do, they have to wear gold jewelery as ear rings or bangles.
  3. They might know what’s happening in Pakistan/India but they wouldn’t know who is their city’s councilman or state senator, unless he is a desi.
  4. They consider desi food superior to all other food and are often afraid to try something new.
  5. They have an acute fear of blacks, an often disgust for Hispanics and a disturbing form of jealousy for the whites.
  6. The have very few non-desi friends, almost all white, that are either next door neighbours or co-workers.
  7. Even though they have lived here for decades, hold an American passport for years, they still talk about Americans in the third person.
  8. They tend to have this habit to keep an eye on the dollar exchange rate.
  9. Some of these desis’ are often bitter about the ‘facilities’ that Canadians or Europeans have. Or rather bitter about the fact that some desis’ can work the system in their favor, like work for cash & still get unemployment etc.
  10. They often consider pets unclean along with people who own them.
  11. Their general perception of Americans is that they are materialistic people who do not have a religion.
  12. Often consider American women as sluts, well at least those whom they don’t know.

I have recently met three Canadian desi men who moved here in Arizona not too long ago and have lived in Canada for at least more than a decade. They all are middle age men who have entire families and extended families living in Canada and sad to say all three of them have at least eight or nine of the above beliefs & habits.


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