Such a Sucker!!

Peter is in his fifties, his receding silver hair line gives it away. Luci is the timid, forty something Chinese woman who has kids almost ready to enter college. They both are ‘regulars’ in my office hours. They seem to be taking the course in an effort to revive their careers. Both are nervous asking questions and when I point out their often obvious mistakes they get embarrassed and go on trying to justify their thought. They feel they should know this stuff and better than the twenty something fellow students. I try my best to explain to them whatever they are stuck on, without sounding condescending but I know I suck at it, so it’s half my fault they feel the way they do. And so, while I shouldn’t, I end up giving them the answer rather than pointing them in the direction.

Which leads me feeling guilty about giving them the extra help which I didn’t give to the other students while working as TA

Its a good thing I don’t grade anything, otherwise everyone would get an A.


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