What really defines you…

I would hate to think that the car I drive defines what people think of me but I know its true for men and women alike. When I bought my Honda new, I would park it way out-of-the-way; most friends at the time thought it’s because I didn’t want it scratched but actually I just didn’t wanna be seen driving it. I feel far more comfortable driving my old rusty Volvo. It could have been an old rusty Ford for that matter, as long as its reliable. And so I didn’t sweat too much when the hail storm left little dimples all over the Honda. Anyway, VW, that I don’ t own, is not the lowest ego emission car, I know a few owners and their egos as bigger than their heads. But new commercial does shed some light on how societies all around the world view car ownership. We are or at least thought of as what we drive.


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