Sound of Rain

When it starts raining outside and if I sit still and turn off all the electronics around me, I can actually listen to it falling down. I love the sound and can’t get enough of it. I remember getting so excited waking up late in the morning on a weekend and listening to the rain outside. I would stay in bed for long just listening to it. Sometimes brother or someone would be taking a shower and I would make myself believe that it’s raining outside and stay in bed. And though the dirt doesn’t smell the same as it used to in Pakistan, it still smells great.

There was a time when I used to walk in the rain, especially when it was just drizzling and would come home soaked, only to be yelled at  but it was all worth it. I wish I can be that careless again.

It is hard to explain why I like the sound but it is warm and peaceful.


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