2009 St. Louis Fall LEAD

Oct. 16th to 18th, 2009

I will always regret not going to Grand Chapter Congress in Washington D.C. – I wish I could have gone but I had limited paid time vacation left from work, and 3 days were too much to ask for.

Anyway, I was very much looking forward to this LEAD since it was first and perhaps the last time I attended the professional Delta Sigma Pi event, outside of school with my big Brother Danielle. She spent first half of the year in U.K. and tripped all over Europe. So Jealous of her…Uber jealous as she’d like to put it.

Another bummer was Kate decided not to go at the last minute. I didn’t know about it until I showed up at the pick up spot. We left few mins late around 7:45 am CST. I tagged along with Bill and Nick (who was in my pledge class and in sophmore in school at that time). The ride to St. Louis was smooth. We didn’t get lost at all, however, Brothers from other car (that’s Filo Twin brothers) called us for direction. We reached St. Louis around 3:30 PM and soon other Brothers made it in the span of 2 hours. It was finally great to meet everyone. I was the only alumni traveling with them. Kristi was the Chapter President, and the Exec Board decided to take me in, and have a place in the room without a charge. So nice of them!

Few brothers are missing here. But this is a great photo. I'm holding the hand of my Big Brother. Brotherly Love!

After hanging out with my Chapter, I decided to go in the lobby, and stay by bar. I knew Kim (former Great Lakes Region VP) was coming to the event. And so was Courtney. I hung out with Rachel (who was the Historian for the semester) and lived close by my place. I think I have hung out with her more during my stay in Milwaukee than anyone else.

..with Rachel

After just hanging out at the bar for few mins, I got patted. I looked to my right, and there was Kim. Okay if you’re reading my Deltasig blog, you should know by now, I admire her dearly. I think in between couple of beers, I talked to her for more than an hour or so. Time just flew. And then met Courtney. Surprisingly, she was staying at the same floor level as my Chapter was.

..with Kim and Courtney

After talking more briefly with them, I was introduced to Colony of Madison. Kim introduced me to them. I remember Cody from Des Moines LEAD but this time, I spoke to him more this time. And then, I ended up going to the Psi chapter re-activation event in 2010. Funny, how you know people from one event and it just spreads your network. This is what I love and dig about Delta Sigma Pi. True to its words. Business in the front, Party in the back.

I called the night off around midnight and attended the morning session with my Chapter Brothers. I got introduced to Andrew and Lauren from Texas Tech. Spoke to Lauren more as she graduated in May 2010. Perhaps, that might be last time I talked to her but few and limited minutes. Plus, she couldn’t hangout later that evening since her plane was schedule to leave at 8 am. We’re connected through Facebook, though. Knowledge of Business had us going. I definitely like to get know Brothers a little more, who have spent a semester studying abroad. I know it’s more like bag pack tour for them but in reality, they are there to study as well.

After the day session was over, all Brothers went to Pub and Bar Grill, Train Wreck. WICKED NAME! This is where I met Jennifer from Michigan University. I remember her from Des Moines LEAD where I briefly met her while getting off from the elevator. Once, I told her and she knew who I was. Got points for good memory. She’s now graduate and all settle in Chicago. Hopefully, I get to know her a little bit more in future events. I plan on pursuing her to attend Grand Chapter Congress if I’m able to go.

with COYs Ashley Henry (2008) and Burton Briggs (2009)

I managed to take a picture with both COYs. I should do that with President and former President, too. Just make it my trademark for all future events

Ok, Trainwreck was fun. I spoke to brothers from Kappa chapters. Most likely, I will meet that Chatper at GCC events. But hats off to them, they drove 10+ hours to get to the LEAD. I wish I had more time to talk to them. Just remember Rachael and Keyshia (hope I spelled it right). Last I heard, Rachael got into Corps and she won’t be at GCC in 2011. I wished her well. Teaching has it’s rewards. This is coming from a person whose Mom taught students from KG to 6th Grade level.

I'm leading the Trainwreck Crew...woohoo!

St. Louis was my second LEAD experience, and perhaps the last Midwest LEAD event I attended. Come to think of it, Grand Chapter Congress shouldn’t be a bad idea to have in St. Louis. There’s a baseball goes on in the dog days of August, and then you’ve so much to look for in the city.

On Sunday, Bill, Nick and I went for brewery tour of Anheuser-Busch. Living in Milwaukee for two years, I never visited Miller Brewery so I can’t compare but Busch brewery is spread out to 9 blocks. That’s freaking huge compare to Miller. 45 mins free tour gives you the whole history of the place. Definitely, one of the best experiences of life.

Overall, one of the best weekends spent with Brothers. Journey goes on..


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