These days we have diluted the definition of a ‘good’ person so much that its meaningless of a label. We (and I include myself) have become so shallow that when we say, so and so is a good person, It usually means that he or she doesn’t do any of the legally bad things, like drunk driving, tax evasion, bribery or cheating on the spouse etc. The little things like caring for the old, the neighbors, being kind of young and loving to humanity are left to tree hugging hippies or religious nuts. No sir, normal people come home from the hard day at work, back bite about their coworkers and bosses, cussing at the traffic, watch a couple of hours to TV, maybe porn and go to sleep.  That’s what we consider good! That’s normal for us. Oh and if someone gives a dime out of a million in charity, he is akin to angels. If we expect something more, haven’t they done enough to stay out of trouble!!


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