Fatal Attraction

Director: Adrian Lyne
Genre: Drama and Thriller
Cast: Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, Anne Archer, Fred Gwynne, Stuart Pankin
Box Office: $156,645,693 (USA)
Trivia: Glenn Close still has the knife she used in the movie hanging in her kitchen.
Memorable Quotes:
Alex Forrest: Well, what am I supposed to do? You won’t answer my calls, you change your number. I mean, I’m not gonna be ignored, Dan!
Alex Forrest: You play fair with me, I’ll play fair with you.
Dan Gallagher: You’re so sad. You know that, Alex? Lonely and very sad.
Alex Forrest: Don’t you ever pity me, you smug *******.
Dan Gallagher: I’ll pity you… I’ll pity you. I’ll pity you because you’re sick.
Alex Forrest: Why? Because I won’t allow you treat me like some slut you can just bang a couple of times and throw in the garbage?

The story, I thought, was terrific! The acting was great! Michael Doulgas gave an unforgettable performance and so did Glenn Close. Dan Gallagher (Douglas) & Alex Forest (Close), although the situation is their fault, make you feel bad for both of them at some point in the movie. You feel bad for Alex when he begins to ignore her after them sleeping together. But then again you feel bad for Dan just as much because of many things. When she gets pregneant and wont get an abortion, that makes you feel so bad for him. Same as when she showed up at his apartment and kidnapped his daughter Ellen from school, which ends up getting his wife Beth(Anne Archer)into a car accident. Even the little girl did a terrific job as Ellen Gallagher

The direction was great! Adrian Lyne did a great job. He seemed to pay attention to every detail in the story line & in the actors physical appearances. Lyne wanted everything to be perfect. And he made a terrific movie.

The visuals were very good. In the part where Alex slits her wrists & where the rabbit gets boiled, the effects were great. And the bathtub scene when Alex has a knife. It is truly a terrific movie.

Overall the movie gets an A+ from me. I thought with the actors, visual and overall story line it just made a terrific movie. Two thumbs way up!


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