The Hurricane

Director: Norman Jewison
Genre: Drama
Cast: Denzel Washington, Dan Hedaya, Vicellous Shannon, Deborah Kara Unger, Liev Schreiber
Box Office: 50+ million
Trivia: The picture of Malcolm X in Hurricane’s cell is actually a picture of Denzel Washington as Malcolm X from the movie Malcolm X.
Memorable Quotes:
Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter: Hate put me in prison. Love’s gonna bust me out.
Reporter: Mr. Carter, now that you’re free, are you still going to be “The Hurricane”
Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter: Oh, I’ll always be the “Hurricane”, and a hurricane is beautiful.
Lesra: 25 cent? Must not be much of a book

Based on the true life story of Ruben Carter, the basis of the storyline revolves around Carter serving his sentence and the rejuvenated struggle to be acquitted from his prison term with the help of a teenager and three activists. Jewison experienced direction is superb, as he showcased his main character expediently to which Washington delivers.

This is the greatest true story I’ve ever seen. I loved the emotion in this movie. I really think that the delivery of the performances are what makes it great along with the direction. It’s beautiful. I recommend it to any and everyone. The struggle that Ruben Carter endured just puts light on the way things used to be, and makes really grateful that things have improved. Denzel’s just great portraying him!

This is a movie of inspiration and overcoming the hardships of racism. Rubin Carter was falsely convicted of murder. He was a great fighter and he was rising up to the best of the world. This movie is one of great triumph. Even though Rubin was locked up in prison, he did not give up. I learned people may take away your freedom but they may never take away your mind and soul. It really made me think about the terrible hate crimes that still exist to this day!


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