Thanksgiving Highlights

Thursday: Went to my buddy Scott’s sister place in Casa Grande, which is about an hour away from Phoenix. She had invited me over and I couldn’t refuse the offer. Turkey was dandy! We watched the football. Both are Cowboys fan. As an Eagles fan, I was only cheering for Dallas so that Eagles might close the gap or stay with Atlanta Falcons in standings. Alas…’Boys lost and so did Eagles on Sunday.

Friday: Caught up with first 2 seasons of The L Word. I had seen few episodes before but finally I can see whole series. Hopefully, I finish it before my upcoming trip to Chicago. I dig Jennifer Beals.

Saturday: Pretty much slept all day. I preferred sleep over Iowa Hawkeyes game, and I did make the right choice. Ending a season by a loss to Minnesota Gophers is bad. I’ve said it many times that Kirk Frantz should be let go by Iowa. He’s done with the program and Hawkeyes have never been over the hump, won big games under Frantz’s tenure besides beating LSU few years ago in a bowl game.

Sunday: Did laundry, clean my place and shop monthly grocery. My fringe is packed and I’m good until the week of Christmas. I shop smart.

Overall, a lazy and relaxing long weekend.


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