Summerfest with Deltasigs

July 3rd, 2009

I received an email 3 days before from Kim, then VP of Great Lakes Region mentioned that she will be in town for three days. Since I had other priorities, I figured Jul 3rd would be best idea to meet her. She was in town for the Summerfest weekend. If you’re not familiar with Milwaukee music scene, Summerfest runs from June 26th to July 3rd every year. Two years that I spent in Milwaukee, those were best time without a shadow of doubt. Ah..I remember getting three packs of Coronas and getting two tickets on consecutive two years run. Yippie!!

Anyway, coming back to our get together. I got there pretty early. After learning about that they won’t showing up before half an hour to The Fray show, I was disappointed. Apparently, they did a brewery tour a day before and were a bit tired. I understood completely since a week before I got smashed and black out celebrating my graduation.

The Fray performing at Marcus Amphitheatre in Milwaukee, WI

The Fray concert was alright. I have heard the song ‘How to Save a life’ through the bits from Greg’s Anatomy. I was thoroughly introduced to Joe, Kim’s husband, VP of Finance of the fraternity. I have heard about him and it was a pleasure getting to know him better. There was like compliments after compliments from him and Courtney, who became District Director later in 2009 of Great Lakes region.

with Courtney and Kim

I started playing around with Court with Kurt Cobain reference. To this today, I still call her Court Love. She does get the joke. It’s all fun and games. I was disappointed other Brothers from Milwaukee Alumni Chapter never showed up. I wanted to meet them. Sadly, I never got a chance to meet the chapter but only few Brothers up until my last days in Milwaukee. My contact details are still on their email reflector, though. According to Kim, I was the only one who responded to her email and showed up. Others have prior engagements.

Kim, Joe and Courtney

Kim mentioned to me that she will not be serving as VP of Great Lakes region anymore. This was decided I suppose a month before Grand Chapter Congress. I had promise to her to be there, but few things came up and work got a lot busier. I wasn’t able to go to D.C. which I’ll regret to this day. Oh well..there’s always another GCC in two years. Here’s a hoping for Louisville, KY in 2011

..with Kim

After the end of concert, I decided to hang with them for an hour or two. We decided to check other stages of the Summerfest ground, and ended up seeing the Elvis impersonator. Kim is a huge Elvis fan. It doesn’t bother me that general American audience has a huge Elvis fan base. But to me, he’s not a King of Rock n’ Roll. There were allegations against Elvis of stealing music and not writing his own lyrics. But that’s another subject. The guy did have a spot on Elvis impression.

I think on our way to the stage, we saw 10 cops took down on huge black dude. Apparently, he was causing trouble being under the influence. I don’t know why I never thought about it up until to writing this blog entry. Maybe, I was just happy to be with my Brothers. 🙂



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