Jason Falkner

August 25, 2010 at Spaceland in Los Angeles

I’ve never heard about Jason Falkner up until my friend Scott mentioned to me in late April of 2010. Since, I love Pop music, Scott told me to give a listen to Jason Falkner and Jellyfish. He considers Jellyfish to be the most underrated band in the history of music. While doing research about them, Jellyfish came out in early 90s and hardly got a radio play. 90s were the scene of Grunge and Alternative Rock.

Jason Falkner left Jellyfish because his songs were not considered for album by band members. I actually prefer his solo work over Jellyfish. Jellyfish sounds like Power Pop, along the lines of The Beatles and The Beach Boys.

Anyway, I mentioned to Scott about Jason Falkner gig in Los Angeles in late August. I could see his face lit up like thousand bolts at once. When I got back from Lollapalooza, I gave him the green light for California trip…and we were on!

The gig was at a Spaceland in L.A.  I actually saw Jason taking out amplifiers from his van. I told Scott…’Hey look..he looks like Jason Falkner’ – I had trouble recognizing him since he grew his hair. Much to my surprise, he responded with wave, and it was really Jason Falkner!! As usual, I made sure to get a spot up front. And this time I was up at the microphone grill. Did fist bump with Jason Falkner before the start of the show. And the show was on…


I wished he play ‘Lost Myself’ song – that was only my favorite song he didn’t do. Otherwise, the gig was kick ass. The crowd was diverse, but there were a lot of people in their 40s. I was standing next to two middle-aged ladies who flew from Atlanta to see him. Well, if that doesn’t called being a true fan then I don’t know what will.

Jason Falkner

After the gig, Scott wanted to split. Jason had gone backstage and we couldn’t find him right away to talk to him. But I made him stay for a little bit. It was funny by the time we were leaving, we saw Jason talking to the same ladies I was standing next to during the show. Ha!

Me with Jason Falkner and my buddy, Scott

We finally got to talk to him. Interesting enough..I was keeping an eye on a young hottie girl, not knowing she was the girlfriend of Jason.  WHOOPS!! But hey can’t blame a guy for checking out a hot brunette. 😉

with Jason Falkner - He's the MAN!!

Overall, a great experience. I know he does gigs mostly on West Coast. If things go according to the plan, I will be at his next gig in L.A. for sure.

Check out few of Jason Falkner’s video.


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