Happy Cynic

A college friend from long ago contacted me on LinkedIn this weekend. She was sharp, very hard working and one of the top students in our class. I looked through her profile and she is working for a startup in California. I suspect that she contacted me because she is preparing for the worse in the rumors of layoffs. While I was at it, I also looked at the profile of a common friend of ours who is now linked to both of us. He cheated his way through college, yes, literally cheated. If you ask him, he wouldn’t know how many bits are in a byte. He is an IT manager at a respectable firm. Which goes to show, life is not only unfair, it’s often bizarre. And where you are in your material life depends on what opportunities you passed and which you availed and how many times you got caught doing something you shouldn’t have been doing. I have to admit, that cheating friend of ours had great social skills. He went to church not for God, but because he thought it was a good way to make friends of need. So I guess the ass kissining goes much further than your brain cells. Yeah, isn’t that a surprise?


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