Work for Money

I am definitely in the wrong profession. History fascinates me, I read (cultural) anthropology articles like a teenager would read Harry Potter and think Music is best studied and listen to late at night. I would like to invent time machine, not because I think working in multi-dimension mathematics or relative physics is cool but for the reason that I can travel back in time. I can probably narrate the key events in South Asian history post 1857 in one breath, along with the fourteen points of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. I can probably name all US Presidents, post reconstruction, in correct order along with their major accomplishments. So why I manipulate bits and bytes all day long? Mainly because someone told me (rightly so) that you can’t feed your family as a history major. When I die,, I would say I wanna see the movie like history of the world, of different cultures, oh and have vanilla/ strawberry ice cream and Tacos to go along with.


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