Toys In The Attic

This classic hard rock album contains “Walk This Way” and “Sweet Emotion,” two immortal “classic rock” radio station staples, and several other stellar songs. “Walk This Way” features a deathless Joe Perry riff along with a great Tyler rap (in fact, a case could be made that this was the first rap metal song), while “Sweet Emotion” has a great sing along chorus and plenty of attitude. Starting things off is “Toys In The Attic,” which sports a breakneck chug that immediately announces the band’s big step up in class, and when Tyler announces “it’s a sunny day outside my window” at the end of “Uncle Salty” damn it if it doesn’t brighten my day. “Adam’s Apple” features catchy riffs and horns alongside some typically clever Tyler lyrics, while “Big Ten Inch Record” is a jokey little blues ditty that spices things up with a levity lacking in most hard rock. Most of the album showcases Joe Perry’s grungey guitar riffs and Steven Tyler’s salacious lyrics, while the rest of the band cooks up unsinkable grooves throughout. Another highlight on an album full of highlights is the catchy r&b of “No More No More,” whose serious lyrics about the downside of the rock n’ roll lifestyle shows the flip side to the band’s usual good time obsessions with sex, drugs, and double entendres.

Finally, “Round And Round” is a lumbering stomper that showcases Aerosmith at their heaviest and nastiest (not unusual for a Brad Whitford penned song), while the sweeping power ballad “You See Me Crying” closes things out with an excellent orchestral effort that’s arguably the album’s best moment. Throw in the two infectious singles and you have a consistently rewarding and varied package, pulled off with considerable panache.


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