Mute Men and Expressive Women

It is natural to get something ‘out of our system’ if that something is bothering us. We all do it, in one way or another. Be it punching bags at the gym or eating the hefty favorite chocolate, or staying on the phone for hours pouring our heart out. Though, there needs to be a balance in this practice among the different forms. Just like eating too much of the ice-cream in depression is not good for our health, pouring our heart out constantly isn’t good for our soul.

I have come to realize that the men in my family are extra ordinarily mute. They are brought up to believe that if they crumble, everyone will follow. If they show the slightest sign of weakness, the family will slip through the cracks. Declaring their helplessness is surrendering & a tough solider never surrenders. Women on the other hand are eager to give up & take the option of the safety net. Willing to share every aspect of their problems even if they are self-induced.

This is not only the immediate family but my whole and my conclusions are based on my own self struggle to break out of this traditional cycle. Constantly reminding myself that I don’t need to follow in the foot steps of my elders.

If someone sits with my mother, she will tell you her life story in an hour. I have driven with my brother for hours in silence. I get a headache from all the talking if I drive the same amount with my cousin sisters.

I wish both sides would come to the center. Yeah maybe become normal.


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