Pregnant Co-workers

There are two women in my department who are like ‘very pregnant’ if you know what I mean. One lady is expecting her first baby while the other one has twins already. The one with twins looks like a pro – she runs around the office all day as if nothing is different about her, while the other one is like nauseated, tense all the time.

So I thought I should talk to this other girl and make her feel better about the situation. So the first thing that came to my mind for a question was, ‘Is it painful?’ well, duh! I was wondering to myself if I asked the right question. They show trauma and horror scenes in the movies and the way she was looking I thought it would be an appropriate question to ask – not knowing what her reaction would be, I stood their expecting everything from a brief reply to a shocked reaction. Well, to my surprise, she spoke for at least 20 minutes – giving me all the details about every little thing about pregnancy as if I were to get pregnant tonight. She told me every thing from massages to squatting – to things which I didn’t really wish to know – how I need to take care off my wife ’cause apparently her husband is doing a great job! Poor girl- she looks like a chicken sitting on 24 eggs just waiting for it to be over.

I don’t know how women do it. It is quite fascinating actually – and the best part is – it works out great for majority without any complications.


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