Shinning Armour

Sometimes I feel the need to put myself out on the limb to prove that my idealistic ideas actually do make sense. At other times I make similar decisions to reassure myself that I am inherently a good guy or that I make decisions selflessly or for the betterment of the world or to make a difference or any other illusion like that. But what I usually forget is that making such bold decisions require firm commitment and almost never-ending patience that is obviously not there. And so these moments of zen come back to bite me.

I came to know that a certain close acquaintance of mine has been going through some tough times. What he has gone through in the past few years came as a horrific surprise to me. In a nut shell, he fell for a woman who had been through rough times in life thinking he will be her shinning armour but things didn’t work out as he expected and now with a daughter and one baby on the way, and many years later, he is trying his best not to fall apart. It’s obvious that his motivations are not to take everyone else down with him. It was heart breaking to find out about it all.

Its been a while since I had used food as a stress reliever but yesterday I lost it. I stuffed myself a little too much and now I feel totally bizarre. Anyway, it seems like I have learned all I could this week. I will try to leave here on an up note; not only because it will be the right thing to do but also because I am such a sucker.

Thought of the day: Loving people is hard work!


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