Does having an opportunity lead to temptation or are we tempted from within and we create opportunities? Is avoiding a bakery make us eat less sugar or does the temptation of having something sweet forces us to visit a bakery? It’s a very fundamental question that plays out in many parts of our lives and is often a hard thing to balance for individuals as well as societies. Is banning alcohol/drugs make it less likely to be abused, would segregating schools make teen pregnancy issues go away, is registering a gun make us more safe, is not having a TV in the house make us more productive etc?

I have caught myself flip-flopping on this issue because how pure a faith is that is not challenged, how perfect is a code that is not tested, how strong is a will that is not dared? But at the same time isn’t ignorance bliss!?

On a lighter note, I am so overwhelmed with work, school, family & extended that this morning I left apple juice can opened at the counter only to remember it by the sweet smell of coffee coming from my neighboring cube.


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