Initiation Day

Nov. 22nd 2008 is the day I got initiated into the Business Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi. A night before Brother Tony had a gig, so I ended up going there as well. His band Adam’s Way covered songs from Green Day and Blink-182. Not a bad gig. I ended up seeing them two more times.

I wasn’t late to get to the initiation day. But I had trouble finding the room where we were suppose to be before the final interview. Since, my last name starts with A, I didn’t feel weird at all about the neophytes lining up behind me. However, I did notice that students thought we were weird to be moving in a straight queue. I think I was ask three or four questions, stating the purpose and names of colonies were two of them. Some of my pledges brothers were a little terrified. I wasn’t nervous however, I did state the purpose fast without screwing it up.

Once, we were initiated (8 of us), I felt the burden on shoulders was gone. It was  a relief. My Big Brother Danielle gave me a gift card from Noodles & Company. It was very nice of her since I used to go that place every other week.

NIBS - Xi Chi chapter Fall 2008

After initiation part was over, we all went to Brother Monica’s house, partied there and had a dinner 3 blocks away from her place. Other brothers bar hopped till close, however, I ended up going back to home around 11. It was a long day. The cold had finally got to me. I was relax by the time I got back home, and was proud to be the new initiated Brother of Delta Sigma Pi.

NIBS shot


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