Colorful Grey

We are all colorful. Few of us might be pure and perfect and few might be 99% evil but the rest, the majority of us, are something in the middle. We are a little compassionate a little selfish, a little forgiving a little harsh, sometimes loving and at others totally hateful. And often our actions are dictated by how we want the people around us to think of us. The other day Google quoted Connolly who said There are many who dare not kill themselves for fear of what the neighbors will say. Funny, sad and true. The sooner we accept the reality that most people including ourselves are capable of kindness and cruelty at the same time the better off we will be. Unfortunately, we have yet to evolve to look at life as a colored picture, we are still looking for the crisp black and white, such that the obvious shades of gray tend to get sorted out as two light or too dark.

Think, forgive, move on, embrace the possibility of good to happen.


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