Why is it that most performers (actors, singers, artists etc.) come from screwed up families? The only other profession that has a majority of people from screwed up families are criminals & serial killers. So, can we conclude that having an abnormal childhood leads one to be prominently creative or recklessly illicit? I don’t think so.

It is natural to dig into the personal lives of famous people and a child with an abusive childhood who turns his life around to become a teacher, a social worker or a doctor is not worth documenting. There might be people who would want to watch/read about such souls but it isn’t as exciting as the life of someone you watch on TV everyday, even if it isn’t that extraordinary.

Kinda like when children know everything about their favorite cartoon character and teens know every bit detail of their music idol but wouldn’t know their grandma’s name or where their father was born.


One response to “Paradox

  • Andrew

    It’s personal choice, Syed. Two people suffer horrible abuse as a child..same will end up an abuser and the other might end up in law enforcement..

    In the end we choose our paths

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