Teach me a lesson

If I look back and try to find an incident where I was angry and justified my actions as teaching someone a lesson so they don’t do it again, it almost never worked. Neither he/she got the lesson I was trying to teach, nor did I find closure to my anger. In fact, things got worse. Almost in all cases it was my mad anger I was trying to heal and in an immature way hurting the offender sounded like a good idea.

It usually isn’t.

Whats worse is that in all those instances I actually believed I am doing someone else a favor by teaching them the lesson. But lets face it, the truth is that I really didn’t care about the lesson, I just needed an outlet to my madness. So, the next time someone tries to justify his actions by saying he just wants to teach the other party a lesson, get your guard on because sh*t is about to hit the fan.


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