Old friends, Old times…

Sometimes, these different time zones usually throw me off when I need to return some phone calls. In the morning it’s already too late to call the east coast as people have gone to work. By the time I get back home at night it already too late to call as everyone in the east coast is fast asleep. Anyway, I finally did call Wendi and she told me Chris is slowly recovering from his surgery. He lost almost 40 pounds during that time and so far hasn’t gained much. Hopefully he gets back on his feet again.

I also got to know that Rahul is getting married first week of May 2011. It’s funny to think he will be married because among are numerous love affairs here and back home in India, with a failed engagement with his roommates’ sister; it is hard to believe that he has finally decided to stick to someone. I will probably send him a card and yeah it means I forgive him, for a few grand that he owes me, for turning in my assignment which almost cost me an F and for other stupid things he has done in the past.

Another shocker was that Ben has gone back to Malaysia and after 6 years in school didn’t actually graduate. It’s hard to understand why was he so recklessly careless about his studies. Its not that he was dumb or that he partied all the time. Then why couldn’t he pick up the books or get out of the bed and get to class? If Joe and Trevor could graduate, I am sure Ben could too. It was really heart breaking.


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