Morning Rush

I rushed out the door this morning, almost spilling the apple juice on me because I knew I was getting late. As I turned around the corner of my street, I saw Jarret getting into this other fancier & bigger car without any problem. For a second I felt relived and next second a bit jealous, followed by guilt. I was late but at least he got a ride to work.

We have been friends since the time I moved into this apartment. I like him a lot and meeting him every morning gives me the strength for the long day ahead. He is inspirational in his own way. I like his small talk.

Jarret is white man in his mid 30s, almost 6 feet tall with broad shoulders, keeps a buzz cut, always have dark shades on even when it is cloudy out and has a great smile. But most people will probably not notice any of the above because of the way he walks with the help of braces and crutches, bending on one side and then the other. Sometimes picking his right leg and adjusting the metal braces for the next step forward. It hurts just to see him walking down the street. He also stutters when he talks but the stutter comes and goes. He’s a huge Phoenix Suns fan1

He is special in the true meaning of the word used by medical professionals describing the unfortunate mentally & physically challenged and also in the true sense of the word used for people who are well above average folks like me.

I will miss him when he will leave these apartments by the end of this year.


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