Who is in Control?

You are or someone else? If a dog barks we don’t bark back, we just become conscious of his presence and try to get its attention on something else. Same should be the case with people but it is hardly practiced. Mainly because the natural or impulsive response is to react the same way as others. If someone snaps at me and I snap back then basically that person took control of my actions, I wasn’t in control. In other words, my behavior was dictated by what he or she did, not what I was suppose to do. Same goes the other way around, I often caught myself being nice to people that are nicer to me. If I really evaluate myself on it, it becomes obvious that my actions were merely a reciprocal of their attitude towards me. In some cases it maybe harmless but it shows that I am gullible and can easily be manipulated.

Ideally, I should react in a situation based on my morals or belief on what is the right thing to do, not how others have treated me, otherwise in all my interpersonal relationships the ceiling will be the other person’s attitude, not mine. That would mean that everyone else is in control and not me.


One response to “Who is in Control?

  • Andrew

    This is the most thought provoking thing I’ve ever read. I didn’t know you were a good writer. Some entries are amusing.


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